Hello. I'm the new manager of a small engineering lab/test department (15 warm bodies). Our existing test result database is in Access from 2009, the developer took the "keys" to the back end with him when he left, and it has fallen to me to acquire or develop a more contemporary dB.

I built a parts dB in Access in the Air Force 15 years ago and have no real desire to get into bed with it again.

My needs are simple: one link table, with an input form for the engineers to submit test requests that will generate a work order for the appropriate technician, and the capability for the technician to "file" the completed test report with attached pdf documents and pictures.

I've looked at Oracle, Caspio, Brilliant Database & DQM, but they all seem over the top for what I need to do. I don't mind learning but I don't want to devote weeks to development either. This will be applied and administered via intranet so I am assuming I want to go SQL/Cloud, but...?

Open to and appreciative of any suggestions where to start; I'll refine future posts accordingly.