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    Unanswered: Explanation of Syntax: /* No_CPU_Costing */

    Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to Oracle SQL with my background being in MySQL so there are a number of tools that I'm not familiar with but there are also a few that I just can't find any documentation about...
    The Oracle Hint of...
    ... is one of them. I have tried google but just get the same statement from the same person in a number of places.

    Can anyone explain what this actually does? Does it improve the speed of my query or is it just for analysis within the explain plan and have no real impact on the execution?

    I only ask because I used the SQL Optimizer and it suggested this as one of the alternatives thus reducing the plan cost from 260,000 to 8,500. It didn't appear to have a difference on the run time but then again it's only taking 40 seconds to begin with. I don't want to play around with it without knowing what it actually does.

    Thank you,


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    Is this the statement you keep getting?
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    the hint /* No_CPU_Costing */ will make the SELECT slower, faster, or have no impact depending other factors considered by CBO

    Actual testing in your application is required to determine the impact for your environment.
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