Wondering if anyone is interested in having a look at a framework built over a couple of years. Uses PHP/MySQL taking XML config files and using XSL to turn them into forms, with default skins available. Create one-to-many relationships, and apply roles and permissions to control almost every element. Select one dropdown option, and control content of multiple other dropdowns.


Set up rules to change state, control visibility, allow access, run SQL. Output of the Report Builder downloads to .DIF or .XLS, so can be opened in Excel or OpenOffice, or can be viewed on line using the built-in filters which automatically grow to match the fields. Or write custom queries to generate pretty-print reports. Or update bulk data using the report filters - see it to believe it!

Multi-lingual - currently works in English, French, and German, but is very easy to add any other language(s). Already used in industry for multi-user, multi-role on-line access.

Full demonstration available in download. User manual covering everything needed to know, with either step-by-step instruction, or alphabetical reference.

Create own templates for emails / invoices / output. If you can cut and paste XML, you can create your own application. Take it at your own pace, or build an application with hundreds of inter-related tables. And let me know what it could do better!