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    Unanswered: need help to match the sum of column values to another table


    I am using access 2010. I have "classlevel" table with 2 columns-Class and Value1 .Value1 column has numeric values that i ll input from webpage (webpage to ms access connectivity).

    I want to sum the values of column "Value1" and i have another table-"Volume" which has 2 columns "VolumeLevel" and "Value2". So i want to match the sum that i calculated from first table-"ClassLevel" with the "value2" column in "Volume" table and get the corresponding "volumelevel" column value from that table and there is a third table that will get this volumelevel value.

    There is no common column to join these tables.


    Class Value1
    Class 0 3000
    Class 1 2000
    Class 2 300
    Class 3 400
    Class 4 500


    Volumnlevel Value2
    Vo 0
    V1 5000
    V2 10000
    V3 30000
    ....upto V10

    Answer that i am looking for is V1 as sum=6200 lies between 5000 and 10000 so its V1.

    Table 3-


    Please help on how will i get the third table value.

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    answered on the other board.

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