I would like to know if it's happen to someone else.

I experience this issue once before and actually the problem is always there and nothing has been change in this part of the database.

In a folder i have a primary m2m with ''Customer information'' in a second m2m it's the ''Customer equipment''.

When i select several Equipment (2 or more) it's automaticaly add all of the record in the folder ''Customer equipment'' (5000+ records!!)
Sometime at this moment it completely freeze BDB.

I think this issues begin when i add a query with this m2m. A query that it compare the name of the Customer in ''Customer information'' and the name of the Customer in the ''Customer Equipment'' m2m.

Normally, when i open this m2m it show me only the record for the same Customer... With the same query i put a counter for the refered Equipment and the return number is good.

I didn't disable the query to see if the problem came from that, but it was working well a month or so and now i always get the problem. I have to select 1 record at a time ans it's ok.