I am running DB2 v10.5 Fixpak 4 on AIX with HADR. I have verified we meet all of the requirements for PureScale and have read up on the documentation (HADR now suppored under DB2 v10.5 Fixpak4) etc. The question I have is anyone out there using PureScale, any issues? Did it work as the marketing literature says? I ask because I have a system that we are looking at alternatives to scale up and basically I see two options. 1. Buy bigger hardware, traditional approach. 2. Implement PureScale and purchase hardware in smaller increments.

Like everyone out there (at least I presume) we are very cost sensitive and prefer to purchase hardware in smaller increments, which leads me to look at option 2. I just wanted to see if anyone out there was using PureScale and what their opinion on it was.