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    Unanswered: Use results of a query as a subform

    I am trying to create a database that displays the cost of all of my meals and allows me to apply certain meals to certain Days.

    At the moment I have created a form (called frmMainMeal) based on a query that allows me to create meals by selecting different products. This works fine.

    Now that I have created some meals I would like to use a form to apply the meals to certain days. (keep in mind that I would like to be able to use the same meal on more than one day).

    I have created a form (called frmMainDay) with a subform based on a new query that I created (the query totals the $ amounts of each meal), however I cannot enter data into the subform.

    I am new to access and don't know how to fix this issue.

    I have attached the access file for your reference.

    Note: my main goal is to be able to create meal plans for each day by applying my already-created meals to a specific day; along with its dollar value.

    meal template -
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    you have too many tables in this.
    you ONLY need the master table and child. (not the product table)
    the product table is only needed to pick options. Its not part of the master/child relationship.
    Order -> orderLine

    Now for frmMainDay, your master table is: DAY, w key [dayID]
    so the sub form ONLY needs a table with fields: [dayID], and [something] (whatever youre tracking)

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