I need to know where to go with this one and some advice would be appreciated!

I have a reasonable understanding of databases although most of my successfully completed projects were in Access 2003-2007 (archaeological relational database, motorsport relational database, data processing etc.). I had to try and learn relational database design on my own. My attempts to learn SQL Server 2008 R2 were partially successful (looked like a lot of programming compared to Access) and enormous frustrations with Visual Studio trying to create a front end comparable to Access. I actually had more luck fiddling about with ecommerce sites like Magento although this was for a different purpose.

My main objective would be to create an online database that can be updated by multiple users in the cloud and something I could do on my own. What is good on the market now and what is respected by users and employers?

Also is SQL Server/Oracle still the most widely used in the workplace? My experience in applying for jobs is that Access is not well respected although I have been able to complete tasks far quicker than getting into the complexities of SQL Server and Visual Studio.

Many thanks for any advice at this stage.