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Thread: Database help

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    Database help

    Hi All,
    Hope I have posted in correct section.

    I'm looking for help in designing a database for a golf society to store their results from their many outings.
    Instead of holding onto the cards from each course they play I suggested a database to hold the information.
    I have being trying to design this but I'm having some trouble with how to store the golf course details.
    My real question is should I create tables for each hole? I presume to get this information back its a large query to include 18 tables +.
    I did create 2 tables one for the Golf_Course (id, name, address, etc) id is Pk
    and one for Course_Details (golf_course_id, holeno, par, index) golf_course_id, holeno is Pk and golf_course_id is fk to Golf_Course id
    This worked well but when I try to get the player information\score it gave me the score 18 times for each hole.

    Any help or direction on this is appreciate.


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    out on a limb
    ots hard to say
    except tables for each hole, doesn't 'sound' right
    off hand Id expect something like

    entity for players
    entity for courses
    entity for holes_on_courses (describes the hole number, the par (M + F)
    entity for competition type (eg $ball, stableford / whatever)
    entity for competition / match
    entity for match/event (eg
    entity for players_scores_on_course_hole

    arguably you could fold the hole entities into the the courseeneity and store the par as say a series of columns withint the course entity. the only downside with that is you may have to duplicate holes if say the course has more than 18 holes and they can be played in different configurations

    you'd need togive a thought as to the scoring mechanism.

    ..just a thought have you done a through search to see if there is already a freely available scoring / management system, similar to sailwave in the sailing world
    I do seem to remember the variations on different amne types / rules can make scorng fiendishly complex in golf. still M not entirely certain as Ive always kind of agreed 'Golf: a good walk, spoiled'
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    Hi Healdem,

    Yes I have entities for
    Player (id, Firstname, Lastname, Handicap)
    Course (id, Course_name, Address)
    Tee (Mens, Ladies)
    Course_Details (Course_id, hole_no, Tee, Par, Index)
    Competition (id, Course_id, Date)
    Round (id, Player_id, Comp_id, hole_no, Score)
    Results not sure what to do here possible display in Asc order of Gross, or Nett
    Also need to figure out how to calculate Stableford score and display it.
    Possible do this as scores are entered when I create interface.

    I have searched for some software but it was expensive. I want to work on this to gain experience in databases.
    Appreciate your comments. Would be nice if you cast an eye over table design for me.
    As I ran into an ambiguity error when I questioned database to retrieved information as hole_no is shown twice.
    I need to remove one but which one?

    "Golf a Good walk spoiled" Mark Twain I believe.


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