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    Unanswered: Payments Made Between two dates

    I would hoping that I could get some help with this question:

    I'm working two dates that will highlight the accounts that have made a payment Today (Last Payment) + 60 days & move the entire row to another tab

    Payment Made: iff ([Date of Last Pay])>60 days from ([Dis Date) highlight and move to tab number 2
    Payment Made60: iff ([Date ()])>60 days highlight and move to tab number 3

    Thank you so much for your help

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    Not sure what you mean by TABS. In a form? Query sets don't have tabs.

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    Im quessing the reference to tabs is that the OP is using the same form, as a sub form, but on different tabs of a parnet form. if so 'just' set a filter on the sub forms in each tab.

    or perhaps better yet have a single subform with, say, a radio button group to display all rows that have made a payment, paid with n///days, or as many optiosn as you need.
    stylistically you may be better off having a list, or combo box, box as these are all the same type of option and may get overly complex if say you have to add lots of these sort of date options. radio buttons are grerat for say 3...5 options.
    use a check box for an either or choice (eg either show invoices outstanding, or all invoices)
    use a list or combo box if say there are 5 or more options (depends on your screen size and so on), and also if there is a risk that the list of options may need to change over time. a list box can be set up so that users can add their own custom values, and if dersigned properly from day one require no further development time.
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