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    Unanswered: shutdown dbf file

    I have been having problem where files are left open and on shutdown it corrupts the file.
    is there a way to open c connection to dbf table and read the data like in .net So that as soon as you read the data you can close the connection?

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    I've never seen any of the C libraries that I've used damage a DBF file that is only opened for reading. All of the damage that I've seen occurs after a write/update/delete operation. As long as your application only needs to read the data, you should be able to cache the data in RAM when the application starts running and then close the DBF file to avoid any damage.

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    is there a way to open c connection to dbf table

    I assume that was a typo and you meant
    is there a way to open a connection to dbf table

    If so, sure.
    Assuming that you are accessing your DBF table via ODBC, you merely need to write your .Net DataAccess routine to Close the ODBC connection after you acquire the data via your SQL Query.

    Our routines are VB.Net (VS2008 & VS2010) and they run all the time.
    Unless someone has crashed the web site causing the Connection to remain Open, there is no problem with left Open DBF tables.

    Good Luck

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