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    Unanswered: Finding size of SYBASE DB

    Hello All

    We have a 3rd party vendor who has installed SYBASE DB and stores all data into it.

    The version of SYBASE DB is Sybase IQ/

    Is there any command which can be used to find the size of SYBASE DB.

    Please help.

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    I think you are trying to find free space in Sybase IQ instead or Sybase DB. Sybase IQ is different all together

    For Sybase IQ you can you following commands to check free space.

    -- List object allocation info
    sp_iqdbspace ;

    -- Database size details

    sp_iqdbsize ;

    For Sybase ASE. you can try

    sp_helpdb -- without any parameter for all databases.
    (or) sp_helpdb <db_name) -- for individual database.


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