We are happy to see that server monitoring solutions are developing quickly nowadays (even on WHT) and that all of us can finally spend less time configuring them and start focusing on servicing our servers and clients.

Our team would like to contribute to WHT community and present our own server and website monitoring platform - CloudStats.me.

Our platform collects most important server metrics and presents a real time view of what's happening on your network.

We are now moving to Microsoft Azure platform and will soon start pinging and checking your servers from all of 15 locations around the world that Microsoft Azure has (we are a BizPark startup).

We are highly interested in your feedback and will be giving out free servers to those of you who will have a quick interview with us via Skype chat after 1 week of using the platform (skype id: cloudstats).

Here are some of the features of the platform:

  • Server resource usage monitoring
  • Easy agent installation
  • Services monitoring (database, mysql, httpd, etc)
  • External pinging and port checking (check any port)
  • Website Status & Opening Speed checking
  • Sub-account access with permissions
  • Notifications via Email and Skype (will add more soon)
  • PingMap of your servers
  • Support of Linux and Windows
  • 25% Referral programme

We are now working on many more interesting features that will also become available soon.

Please sign up here for a completely free unlimited account.

Please add us in Skype for a short interview for feedback on the service (skype id: cloudstats).

We will be grateful for any feedback that you provide (even negative one).