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    Unanswered: display hourglass while report with several subreports run

    Hi all I am running Access 2003. I have a report which has 4 sub reports it takes a while to run and I want to let the user know that it is in progress. I have tried the DoCmd.hourglassOn =True to turn it on and the DoCmd.hourglassOn =False to turn it Off but cant seem to get it to work. I think the problem is the formatting of the report is where this needs to happen and I am not sure where to put it for it to work while the report is formatting. Any help would b great.

    Thanks Bob

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    You may need to issue the doevents macro to allow the screen to repaint. See:-
    although whether that will work on a report is arguable.
    It may also be worth looking at why the reports take so long. Its possible you are using a coding style that is not optimal. This is especially the case if you are using lots of domain functions, such as dcount, dsum ir statistical functions such as average
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    Solved: I put aline of code in the ok button of the parameter form

    DoCmd.Hourglass True

    I put a line of code in the report footer format event.

    DoCmd.Hourglass False

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