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    Unanswered: Forms & Reports disappeared

    Six lab employees share an Access Database that lives on a server. The database was originally created in Access 2002-03. But over the years (13), we've upgraded our individual workstations to Access 10 & 13.

    Last Friday afternoon @ 3 pm all the forms and reports disappeared. The tables and queries are still there. I've read of this happening to others, but can't see that anyone has identified a definite cause or solution.

    I was able to restore forms & reports from a 45 day-old backup (don't ask), but lost several more recent design changes. Sigh. Any ideas how this might have happened, and how to keep from happening again?


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    Is it a split database? Then it WOULDNT have forms/reports.

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    corruption of Access file would be my guess, quite common in a multi user environment, especially if changes are being made to the design whilst the application is openend by more than one person

    for a multi user Access application you should split the db into two components
    ...a back end containing the data, common queries and so on
    ... a front end containing all the the user interface, user specific queries (eg queries used to create user specific forms/reports, queries saved to the querydefs collection. in an ideal world each user should have a their own compy of the friont end, deployed on their own local machine AND that front end should be deployed as an encrypted versiosn (using an MDE / ACCDE) to stop users tinkering with the design and forms/reports

    for development purposes you should have your own COPY of the back end AND original (MDB or ACCDB, NOT the MDE / ACCDE file). you can only make design changes to a MDB/ ACCDB file so you must retain that file each time you deeploy a new desktop version

    there are tools in the reference thread in this form on how to manage deploying versions of your front end

    before deploying a new version from development you need to relink the finished development version to the live data
    ..that process is usually
    finish checking the development version
    run some more tests just to be certain
    consider doing some testing to make certain the changes work, that your changes haven't broken anything

    ...the either deploy a whole new application front end (copy and rename, reloink files, convert to MDE)
    or if you like living on the edge, dont bother with the MDE / ACCDE stage and just import the objects you have changed to the old (MDb/ACCDB) front end. personally the former is 'the' way to go
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