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    Unanswered: How to rollforward to the very very most recent transaction?


    I perform online backup with "include logs" every 3 days, have logarchmeth1 = disk:/nfs-server/archive-dir and also rsync my instance directory to the same nfs server every 4 hours.

    Most recent file in archive-dir is at 14:26 (7 hours ago), and rollforward works fine, but I don't want to lose those 7 hours in case of disk failure.

    Is it possible to archive logs more frequently or maybe it's possible to use "live" logs, because the latest of those downloaded at 20:20. Rollforward with such overflow path fails with a strange permission error

    [db2inst1@ec-prod-db-1 ~]$ ls -lt /media/okbackup/rsnapshot/hourly.0/ec-stage-db-1/home/db2inst1/db2inst1/NODE0000/SQL00001/LOGSTREAM0000 | head
    total 146727660
    -rw-rw-rw-  1 509 db2iadm1 524296192 Jun 25 20:20 S0001195.LOG
    -rw-rw-rw-  2 509 db2iadm1 524296192 Jun 25 15:31 S0001206.LOG
    [db2inst1@ec-prod-db-1 ~]$ db2 "rollforward db STAGE_DB to end of logs and stop overflow log path ( /media/okbackup/rsnapshot/hourly.0/ec-stage-db-1/home/db2inst1/db2inst1/NODE0000/SQL00001/LOGSTREAM0000/ )"
    SQL2162N  A recovery operation failed because the database manager does not
    have permission to access log file "STAGE_DB" for database "0" on database
    partition "0" and log stream "".
    [db2inst1@ec-prod-db-1 ~]$ ls -lt /media/okbackup/rsnapshot/hourly.0/ec-stage-db-1/db2archlogs/db2inst1/STAGE_DB/NODE0000/LOGSTREAM0000/C0000002/ | head
    total 17664000
    -rw-r--r-- 3 509 db2iadm1 261767168 Jun 25 14:26 S0001194.LOG
    -rw-r--r-- 3 509 db2iadm1 524296192 Jun 25 13:38 S0001193.LOG
    [db2inst1@ec-prod-db-1 ~]$ db2 "rollforward db STAGE_DB to end of logs and stop overflow log path ( /media/okbackup/rsnapshot/hourly.0/ec-stage-db-1/db2archlogs/db2inst1/STAGE_DB/NODE0000/LOGSTREAM0000 )"
                                     Rollforward Status
     Input database alias                   = STAGE_DB
     Number of members have returned status = 1
     Member ID                              = 0
     Rollforward status                     = not pending
     Next log file to be read               =
     Log files processed                    = S0001192.LOG - S0001195.LOG
     Last committed transaction             = 2015-06-25- UTC
    DB20000I  The ROLLFORWARD command completed successfully.

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    you can't use active logs for a rollforward. check the archive log command. you can force a log archive periodically if you set up a job in cron. I presume you have the archive log target in a different filesystem to the active logs

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