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    Unanswered: db manage for improve speed.

    hi friends, i am starting to create my first web application in my career.

    i am using mysql server.

    i am going to make table which contain users information (like id, firstname, lastname, email, password, phone number).
    which is batter way to speed up my database from below ?

    method 1: put all data into one single table(userinfo).

    method2: divide all data by alphabet character and put data into many tables. for example, if user's email id is that put into table(userinfo_j) and if user's email id is that put into table(userinfo_k).

    please suggest me which is better method ?

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    What makes you think you would have a 'speed' issue if you stote all the users in one table.?

    Properly designed using appropriate indexes there should be virtually no difference in retrival times, marginally more tine consumed on insert with a single table. Unless you have evidence there is a performance issue then store in one table
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