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    Unanswered: Time Clock Query

    I use Access 2010 in my office and 2013 at home and often develop databases between both versions of Access. Please keep in mind I am a new user and giving me instructions without telling me how to get to certain parts of Access will not be helpful. I see most answers in this forum assume a user is an expert.

    The problem I am having is almost exclusively in Access 2010. I developed a time clock with two subforms in a parent form. One subform tracks employee punches in while the other tracks employee punches out. Each record posts to its own table (Table1 and Table2 respectively).

    I'm trying to query each table so I can compare a punch in with a punch out to determine how much time a person worked in a given shift, but I'm running into a problem where every punch in for a particular person matches with every punch out. This makes my query needlessly long and terribly difficult to sort through to identify a person's worked hours. Is there a way I can pair one punch in to a person's next punch out?

    Provided is a screenshot of my query and of my relationships. IDOne and IDTwo are my primary keys in each table. Anything denoted by a "One" belongs with Table1 and anything denoted by a "Two" belongs with Table2.

    Any feedback is appreciated. I've worked to solve this problem for a week and can't come up with any ideas.

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