how do we generate separate licenses for the included components?

Given we have a EDI server bundles, we should be entitled to these quantities of components from the EDI server license.
1 ECRTP Prod licenses
3 ECRTP Standby Licenses
2 ECMAP Dev/Test
2 ECRTP Dev/Test

From the EDI server bundled components, how am I supposed to generate
1. A 1 CPU ECRTP Prod license and 2 CPU ECRTP standby license on two separate servers with different host names?

The reason why the two separate servers are relevant is because each generated key seems to be tied to a specific host ID. This below screenshot is taken
from our another portal account, but as you can see, the underlined in blue is the host ID of the server which this license is assigned to.

As an example: If I were to try and generate a 2 core CPU ECRTP standby license from the EDI bundled components, I would put the host ID of that one
server. What if now I want to use the prod ECRTP licenses that come in the bundle as well for a separate server? Or use the 1 remaining ECRTP standby
license on another separate server.

Our assumptions were that these quantities/components from the bundle would be added as separate line items on to our account
and we would be allowed to split them up however we wanted. We were told by SAP during our meetings that this was possible, hence the reason why
we bought the bundle in the first place.