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    Unanswered: Automatic full/incremental backup from Prod to dev


    We have full online backup on Sunday and incremental daily backup the rest of the week on our production (db2 10.5 linux).
    How can I automatically restore production's backup every day to development database? (let say we want to have another copy of prod in dev)
    As far as I know, database should be set to read-only mode to enable incremental backup to be restored every day.
    (db2 set write suspend for database)

    How can I find last incremental backup form Prod server and restore to Dev database (preferably as a cron job)?

    I expected to find a command to automate following action:
    db2 restore db db2 incremental automatic taken at <timestamp>


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    As with many questions like this, the answer depends on things that you haven't mentioned.

    1. Can you develop in a read-only environment?
    2. Can you keep multiple backup files online?
    3. How do you envision handling objects created/changed within the database?

    It will take a fair bit of insight to give you a correct and useful answer.

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    db2 set write suspend for database ? Are you backing up with snapshots, TSM or to disk?
    Disk: Is the prod backup on a shared filesystem?
    TSM : is cross node recovery set up?
    Snapshot: what snapshot mechanism is used?

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    yes automatic restore is possible : recover
    have a look at
    backup files should be available at recovery location, also for logfiles if rollforward is needed
    otherwise rollforward to end of backup - after extracting the logfiles from backup
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    Thanks Guy,

    What is difference between recover and restore? Is history file different from log file?


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