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    Unanswered: Need Select Query using closed and reopened flag


    I am newbie to postgress.

    I have a dimension and a transaction_fact tables. transaction_fact table has multiple records of a single record of the dimension table. transaction_fact table has columns closed_today_flag, reopened_today_flag, effective_from, effective_till along with other columns.

    When a record is created in dimension table an entry will be added in transaction_fact table. If the same record is updated/closed/reopened entries will be added in the transaction_fact table.

    Dimension table will not have any status. Currently the record in a dimension table may be in open/closed/reopened state.


    I have to select only closed records from transaction_fact table based on the current status from start date(effective_from) to end date(effective_till).

    Table script attached:
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