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    Unanswered: Incremental Backup is taking long time

    Hi Gurus,
    Since a Month, the incremental backup which db is 16TB size taking very long times.
    This is a Transactional database. All to-gether i am interested to identify the bottle necks in this database.

    1. we do monthly online reorgs
    2. we have very large tables which reorg will be paused and resumed for 5 to 6 months.

    i see lot of tablespaces recording with high read/write times. can you please guide me where to start identifying the bottle neck and plan to stream-line the backup runitmes


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    Lots of questions:
    What DB2 version and OS are you using?
    How long is the incremental backup taking?
    How long does the full backup take?
    Where are you sending the backups (both full and incremental)?
    What frequency are you doing the full and incremental backups?
    To what extent, do the reorgs change the tables?
    How fast do the data in the tables change?


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    This is a frequently asked question.
    For each table that has a large-object column is there a dedicated tablespace for large-objects...
    Are you backing up to disk, (local, remote, ?), or tape (shared? dedicated? how much staging space etc).

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