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    Question Unanswered: SQL replication on UNIX system


    I'm new here but DB2 is not that new for me.
    Already I'm trying to set up simple SQL replication on Linux Red Had system using DB2 10.5 fix 5.
    I have some litte experiance with administration of Q replication with Websphere MQ but I have no idea how to set up replication from scratch.

    I've found tutorials for Control Center and Windows based SQL replication. That's easy.

    Is there simple way to manage creation of control tables, proper tablespaces, capture and apply using only CLP under Linux?

    Appreciate for any help and step by step tutorial for UNIX systems!

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    Try this:
    Sample ASNCLP script for setting up SQL Replication

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    Additionally, if you prefer a GUI, the Replication-Center (db2rc) when run on Windows will let you setup SQL-replication on remote Linux hosts if you have correctly configured the relevant remote linux-nodes+ linux-databases on that Windows environment and know the relevant passwords for the accounts you will use for the replication user.

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