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    Unanswered: Appending To Table


    I'm trying to create a database that will import .csv files and have them append into one file

    \\hq.prosb.local\Files\ClientApps\\Reports\ Logging\ Agent Summary Report01_Jul_2015.csv
    \\hq.prosb.local\Files\ClientApps\\Reports\ Logging\ Agent Summary Report02_Jul_2015.csv
    \\hq.prosb.local\Files\ClientApps\\Reports\ Logging\ Agent Summary Report03_Jul_2015.csv
    \\hq.prosb.local\Files\ClientApps\\Reports\ Logging\ Agent Summary Report04_Jul_2015.csv
    \\hq.prosb.local\Files\ClientApps\\Reports\ Logging\ Agent Summary Report05_Jul_2015.csv

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    what have you done so far
    what have you tried
    what have you explored

    do you need to 'just' import the data, or do you need validate BEFORE / WHILST importing.

    for me as the dasta source is a CSV file I'd be very wary about just imprtiong it. I'd want to probably write a VBA process which scanned the directory, identified any CSV files, then handle those CSV files
    inserting all rows into a temporary table
    ..then pushing all rows which passed validation / range / error checking into the system, leaving the invalid rows in the temporary table for users to sanitise
    ..the pushing valid rows can be done using a suitably designed set of queries query insert valid new rows query (optionally) updates existing data (assuming you have some means of identifying waht row int he import table matches what row(s) in the main table(s)
    ...then delete handled rows in fromt eh temp table, based don finding those rows in the main table(s)
    once the csv file has been imported then I'd delete it, so it doesn't get re processed. you might want to delay the delete process until a sysytem back up containign the new data has been performed

    having proved the process works, then I'd probably do the import as a batch process overnight kicked off by the windows scheduler using Acccess with appropriate command line switches
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