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    Unanswered: weird object already exist

    hi guys, anyone encountered this weird error on sybase version 12.5

    I'm trying to create dummy table, the table does not exist on the current database. when i tried to execute the command the result prompted me that the object already exist, upon check on sysobjects there's no equivalent name on it. no errors found on the sybase log. no found errors on windows event logs pertaining to disk.

    does anyone experienced this kind of situation and how do you resolved it. Thanks

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    Are you sure you are checking for the object in the right database? And does your script specify in which database the dummy table is to be created?
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    Thanks for the replied.

    Already found errors by doing dbcc checkalloc on DB.

    Errors saying I have Table corrupt, page is allocated but not linked.

    so right now i'm running full dbcc tablealloc single on all tables with full fix option.

    See if it can fix the errors.

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