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    QuickServ Vehicle Services Company


    The QuickServ Vehicle Services Company is expert in servicing cars, for example providing
    quick oil changes. They have over 400 branches in the United Kingdom, with approximately
    4000 staff members. Opening hours are from 7.30 am to 7.30pm Monday to Saturday and
    11.00 am to 5pm on Sundays. They specialise in vehicle servicing, quick oil changes and parts
    repair. QuickServ prides itself on always having stock, such as brakes, exhaust pipes, tyres etc,
    which they obtain from various Suppliers.

    Each branch has a number of qualified mechanics and MOT test specialists, who do the
    booking and the recording of day-to-day servicing. There is a branch manager who manages
    the day to day running of each branch. Vehicle servicing has two levels. A full service that
    constitutes a thorough check to the vehicle and includes checking of the windscreen wipers,
    battery and other essential parts of the vehicle. A semi-service that simply checks the oil and
    changes the filter. On a regular basis, service reminders are sent to customers based on the
    date their car was last serviced. They also record the customer’s car current mileage.

    Customers can book their vehicles for a service/repair. The invoice must contain the charges
    for the service, consisting of labour costs as well as the cost of any products that have been
    used during the service. When the invoice is presented to customers, they pay cash, use a
    credit card, or write a cheque. A customer can also purchase products such as windscreen
    wipers, oil filters, and air filters.

    Given the high stock usage of the business operations, QuickServ must maintain careful control
    of its stock. Therefore, if an item reaches its minimum on-hand quantity, the item in low supply
    must be reordered by a member of staff, from an appropriate Supplier. QuickServ maintains a
    supplier list, which contains actual and potential suppliers.

    Although QuickServ is renowned for their quick service and speciality in repair work, they were
    disappointed at the low levels of profit. At a board meeting with all the Branch Managers,
    problems were put down to double booking of specialist staff as well as customers, since most
    of the bookings were not recorded electronically but in a notebook. There were even cases of
    new stock being re-ordered from the suppliers and staff arguing as to who had completed the
    ordering of the product first.

    Together with the managers, the director, stated that they intend to introduce a Database
    Management System to solve their problems and to keep track of all components in all

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    Homework assignment: Quickserve

    I've created a new thread so that you can get more appropriate answers. Having a new message thread separates your question and its answers from the discussion in the other thread.

    There are a number of us who are quite familiar with ERDs and building schemas. What questions do you have?

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