Hi, I'm an intern at my company trying to create documents using crystal reports, and i'm still fairly new. One of my projects has been to create a report in which the last page is an OLE_object picture, so that when we send invoices to customers we can have the OLE_object be an advertisement. I have the OLE object set up in the report footer to only show up on the last page, and is pretty much a full page ad. I also have the report header set up with a formula to be suppressed only on the last page (the formula is; "If Pagenumber = TotalPageCount then true, else false). This works for multi-page invoices, but on single page invoices when I preview the document the page headers are on the second page and have bumped the ole object downwards so that it is taking up the bottom half of the page, and also splitting and creating a 3rd page. I tried also to use the formula "if OnLastRecord then true, else false. It once again worked on multi-page invoices, but this time one single page reports the headers would be gone on page one, even though there was a page 2 (which was the OLE_object). Please help.Click image for larger version. 

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