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    Unanswered: Problem in mysql query for sorting Time in hms format


    I am trying to sort the data in Mysql descendingly based on the time for videos.

    I have Video_Duration column in my database in which I store the time for videos in hms format( For example 1h54m3s, 9m3s, 0m3s).

    When i try to sort the database using the query below I am getting the output like 9m0s, 9m0s first instead of time with more time(like 1h35m29s).

    I am using the following query to sort the database

    $sql = "select * from videos where Category_Name='$category' ORDER BY Video_Duration DESC limit 50";
    Can you guys help me solve the problem


    Vishal Ved

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    Store the duration of the item in the suitable datetimr datatype.
    If you must store this sort of data in a text / string datatype then format it appropriately with leading 0

    Eg 9m0s, assumimg you have hours elsewhere becomes 00h09m00s
    Or if you prefer 00:09:00
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