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    Unanswered: Ways To designing a database to track Patient

    Hello everybody.
    I am designing a database to track patients over time. They will attend for five visits and have different types of information at each visit.
    I have five subforms to my main form which records the required information. I am controlling which subform appears with a drop-down menu.

    I am having trouble in getting the correct information to show for each visit.
    For example, both Visit 2 and Visit 5 might show the information for Visit 2. This is driving me nuts!

    I've attached a model of the database. Any ideas on how I could remedy this? Thanks!

    Patient Visit
    Thank's a lot!

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    there was a very similar post to this a while back. Id suggest you do a search for it.

    the resolution for that was better table design, separate observations from a specific visit (but record what visit the observations were taken).
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    Not sure how you attempted to attach your file but it didn't work; it can't be downloaded...and your description doesn't really give us enough information to help you!

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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