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    Unanswered: Removing Log files from newlogpath folder

    Dear friends,

    just for understanding.

    what happens when my space is going out of space and i do have tons of log files in my "newlogpath" folder that already have been completed.

    If there is a young offline backup database of those "old" log files, what could happen in worst case here when i remove those completed log files?

    thank you in advance.

    best regards,


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    you have to specify : db2 version and platform
    if database is enabled for logarchiving - where are the logarchives ? do you execute backup offline/online - include logs y/n
    many question before this problem can be handled
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    By the way, I think you mean "path to log files" rather than newlogpath. Post the output of "db2 get db cfg for xxx | grep log " where xxx is the db name

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