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    Unanswered: Reporting (/Datawarehousing) using Mainframe DB2 Database

    Dear All,

    I am looking for different approaches which are currently being used to generate reports from IBM DB2 Database on mainframe.

    Specific information I am looking at is :

    1) Are reports being generated directly from Mainframe live database ? If yes, during business hours or outside business hours ?
    2) How data is extracted from Mainframe db2 database ? Is any ETL tool being used for this purpose ?
    3) Is the approach of extracting data using Mainframe scheduled jobs and sending it using NDM /FTP flexible or good enough ?
    4) Apart from mainframe db2 , any other database which you are using for reporting purposes ?

    A programmer

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    All of the above...and more. Depends on the complexity of the enterprise and the number of different legacy origins that comprise it (after merger and acquisitions for example).
    Is this market research or do you have a specific problem to solve?

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    Thanks for your comments db2mor.

    I have a specific requirement for my application. The reason for asking these questions is a) what is working perfectly in the other environments. b) what is most preferred solution c) any issues observed


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