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    Unanswered: Running queries against OLTP Database

    I am Application developer, so not aware of answer to below query:

    1. I have observed that at my current organisation, a single query (long running) can use entire temporary table space. Due to which other queries were not able to perform their operation and were getting resource not available error.

    2. Whereas, in my earlier organisation, I have observed that entire team, was running multiple sql queries against production database to extract various statistics information without any issue. The size of database also was very large. We use to perform daily extract and there was no issue reported.

    I wonder, what can be the difference in configuration at two sites ? Is there a chance that site 2 is using db2 data sharing ?

    A programmer

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    You need to discuss this with your DBA. Each system is unique, so it probably has to do with configuration and data and the query.


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