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    Unanswered: probleme d'acces a la base sybase


    j'ai une database sybase j'accede a l'interface mais a chaque table il me donne erreur :

    (sybase centrale has determined that its connection to database has benn closed. this can occur if the cooection times-out, or if the server is shutdown. the connection will be deleted.)

    et quand j'accede atravers une application erp connecté a sybase il me donne erreur : " assertion failed: 201501(

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    Is there anything in the errorlog on the databaseserver ?
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    assertion failed: 201501(

    Quote Originally Posted by Martijnvs View Post
    Is there anything in the errorlog on the databaseserver ?

    merci pour votre reponse.

    je peux rien voir ou executer un script, toujours il me donne "the connection will be deleted" ou " ...assertion failed: 201501("


    thanks for your answer.

    I can not see anything or execute a script, it always gives me "the connection Will Be deleted" and this error

    [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Internal database error *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 201501 (
    Page for requested record not a table page or record not present on page -- transaction rolled back

    Error code=-301

    SQL state=HY000

    Connection parameters:





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