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    Unanswered: Why subform won't populate additional records

    Please see attached example database.

    When you launch the d/b a form will open named frmJobSetup. This form has two subforms. The one I am trying to troubleshoot is the right-hand subform.

    I cannot figure out why the following is happening, (or not happening).

    If you select "Equipment" from the Category drop-down in the subform and then select "Some kind of line item" from the LineItem drop-down, 4 additional records get entered which is exactly what should be happening. If you open the form, "frmLineItems" you will see why. "Some kind of line item" is a "master" item that has 4 related records tied to it which is why the query, "apndtblqryAdditionalLineItems" is adding the 4 records. THIS IS GREAT!!!

    But then please select "Equipment - Coils" from the Category drop-down and then select "Line item for equipment - Coils" from the LineItem drop-down and NO additional records get populated into the form. One additional record is supposed to populate the form. Again if you open the form frmLineItems and go to the 3rd record you will see why. There is one related record.

    Why does this work for "Equipment" - "Some kind of line item" but not work for "Equipment - Coils" - "Line item for equipment - Coils"


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    When you have this problem where it should have added but didnt, then run it manually in the query.
    You will see youre getting a CANT ADD 2 RECORDS DUE TO KEY VALIDATION.
    your keys may be wrong in the subtable.

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