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    Unanswered: Inner Join between 2 queries through query designer

    Hi, I have recently started working on Sql server management studio. I have been using MS access in the past. To link results of 2 queries in MS access I would open the query wizard and it would show me the list of saved queries and then I could join them as regular tables. Im trying to look for this option in management studio. When I open query designer in management studio I am only given the option to add existing tables, how can I add existing queries? Thanks!!

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    Make your queries into Views in SQL Server and then I think you will be able to access them from the existing tables screen. However it has been years since I used Access for anything beyond the quick and dirty, so I could be wrong.
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    Queries are really artifacts of the Microsoft Access User Interface, they really aren't part of the database itself.

    You have two basic options:
    1. Save one "query" as a View in the database
    2. Combine the syntax generated (as SELECT statements) using a JOIN predicate

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