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    Unanswered: find next entries value (as sorted by date)

    Hello all,

    In the database I am querying, there is a field called "group". I can find out when "group" changes with a time field that was logged whenever group changes. I am trying to find what the value was changed into.

    FROM Assignment_Log
    this will tell me:
    the unique ID of the database
    The group it was assigned FROM
    The time the assignment took place
    I need to find the assignment TO

    so what I need to do for the last column is something along the lines of...
    find the next record after the current record by looking at the next Submit_Date and view the Assigned_Group.
    If no "next record" can be found, leave the cell empty.

    is this possible?

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    Your description is ambiguous. Please show the CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO to create a sample with three groups and more than three rows.

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    I do not have a CREATE TABLE or INSERT INTO to show as I am not the owner of the table. I am only able to query the information. Additionally, I do not have access to what columns are in the tables either.
    I am using a customised query in Business Objects (InfoView) but I know that the back end is a Microsoft SQL server.

    Assignment_Log.DBID, (String)
    Assignment_Log.Assigned_Group, (String)
    Assignment_Log.Submit_Date (Datetime)

    unfortunately, I do not think I can give much more information.

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