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    Unanswered: Need help with IT Equipment Asset Database

    Hello, 1st post to forum and a relative "novice" when it comes to database design and creation. I am a LAN Analyst (new position for me) and I am trying to come up with a better way to track and run reports based on the IT Equipment my City has (PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Monitors (1 or Dual), Printers, Scanners, etc...

    Currently, I am on my 4th attempt at trying to create a workable database. A commercial product wont work as I don't have a budget for it. THe City previous IT personnel used Excel Spreadsheets and it is hard to run a report off of a spreadsheet. I have made separate tables for the Employees, PC's, 1st Monitor, 2nd Monitor, Scanner. In the tables I have created field in each for PC Asset# (to relate the attached devices) and employee name. I was hoping to be able to run reports off of using the Asset # and employee name, so I can when the equipment is due to be replaced/refreshed. It would help during budgeting, so, I can quickly show my superiors what needs to be replaced each fiscal year.

    I have tried creating a report, query and manually designing either and keeps failing on me. The first stumbling block is that I can't even update all of the table together using the asset # or employee name. So, I know that the reports will fail as they are not connecting the data together.

    The reason the I broke the equipment into separate tables is that each may be purchased at different times/years. I could be wrong, but it should help with normalization. I would appreciate any help or information. I may have to give up and still try to use a spreadsheet, ugh!

    Thanks for taking a look.

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    I put EVERYTHING in 1 table. I didnt want to search different things,
    every equpment has
    EqType : PC, monitor, Laptop, Fax, etc
    purch date

    plus various fields for specific things like PC may have a IP, but monitor will not.
    Just put it all in 1 table.

    Then you just swap out ownerID from the Empoyee table.

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    look at using the sub/supertype model
    if your other dtaa is static and you dont' require to search on it then consider using the EAV model
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