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    Unanswered: backup to url

    There is a need to make a backup of a database to URL. I can't clearly understand how to do this. Can you suggest good articles about this or any advice? Thanks in advance

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    What version of SQL and Management Studio? 2012, 2014, 2016? SQL Server backup to URL feature is available since 2012. Give you just few recommendation to do this.
    1. Unique file name for every backup is recommended to prevent accidentally overwriting the blobs.
    2.When creating a container, it is recommended that you set the access level to private, so only users or accounts that can provide the required authentication information can read or write the blobs in the container.
    3.For SQL Server databases on an instance of SQL Server running in a Windows Azure Virtual Machine, use a storage account in the same region as the virtual machine to avoid data transfer costs between regions. Using the same region also ensures optimal performance for backup and restore operations.
    4.Failed backup activity can result in an invalid backup file. We recommend periodic identification of failed backups and deleting the blob files.
    5.Using the WITH COMPRESSION option during backup can minimize your storage costs and storage transaction costs. It can also decrease the time taken to complete the backup process.

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    Tim Radney does a great presentation for PASS User Groups on SQL Server Backup and Restore. He covers saving backup files to Azure (via a URL) very well. Check Tim's website at for details about presentations, he does them online pretty often.

    Tim also published a book on SQL Server Backup and Restore that you can get at

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