Hello guys!

I am the owner of a small business that in part, runs free poker bar leagues in North Carolina (USA). We have been using Google Spreadsheets for all of our ranking data up to this point and we are looking to go to the next step with our website creation. Which means it's time to create a SQL database to manage our data! The problem is... Although I am somewhat of an amatuer web developer, I have attempted this feat before and even got most of the database to display correctly but I got stuck and gave up after a while.

Well, I'm ready to give it another shot from scratch and I'm looking for a partner who would like to help out with the project so that it can finally be completed! Unfortunately at the moment, we couldn't offer much in the way of payment other than being able to add us to your resume, a large reference on the finished site to you and your business, and our eternal thanks! Don't get me wrong, as our business grows, I don't see why we couldn't come to an agreement on a future monetary means of repayment, but for now we simply don't have the funds (yet).

I am currently using Cloud9 to run my website (simply for ease of use and collaboration ability), using PHPmyAdmin and MySQL and all the data we will need is stored in our Google Apps Spreadsheets for easy access and collaboration. We would be starting from the ground up so that we don't miss anything and don't end up having to recode.

If anyone would be interested in helping build our brand new database, or would like more information on what is needed, I would LOVE to hear from you.


Michael with
Beer Hand Poker