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    Unanswered: How to JOIN tables to produce contiguous data

    I have a SQL database that has multiple tables I need to combine for an analytics presentation.
    The tables are PRODUCTS (contains product information and UPC), STORES (Store number, name and address), DATES (List of dates that data is published on), and DATA (quantity, by store, by UPC, by date). I am trying to combine these so that i have one table with a row for each UPC on each day at each store. Also, I would like to lookup values for year ago quantities at the same store for the same UPC. Is there a way to structure a query to provide all of this information? I know it will be a lot of rows, but I will filter by product prior to pulling the data.

    I think the solution requires a subquery in the FROM portion of the statement, but I am not sure how to structure it. Here are the Fields:
    Products.UPC, Data.UPC, Data.Store_Num, Stores.StoreNum, Data.StartDate, Dates.DateKey, and finally the reason we are here Data.Qty

    I am using an Azure SQL Database.

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    Is it then end of the semester or the beginning?
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    What have you tried so far?

    Break your problem up in to separate little steps. Ignore the bit about data from a year ago to start with and focus on getting the core query correct first.
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