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    Unanswered: Aerospike Dev Project, how much would it be to fix this for me?


    We are working on a project hosted with Rackspace MyCloud. We are trying to get AeroSpike NoSQL configured and connecting / pushing data via PHP client.

    Its quite simple, its not a structured DB, so really all I need to happen right now, is I need to get the DB to a point where its configured properly / working and on a scalable cluster (starting off with only 1 node) everything I do is cloud based on this current project via RackSpace. Then I need to get the client connecting. It only connects via a non-persistent connection. This project Im working on is extremely in-depth and i'm in the process of getting the working prototype up. How it works, I have a php data drop point, which collects data passed in via url params it drops it to the php then the PHP processes the data and pushes it into the DB in a single connection update. So its as follows:

    Data passed in
    DB Connection Initiated
    Data processed
    Data Pushed to DB
    DB Connection closed

    Right now for what ever reason, when I connect - it only works on a non-persistent connection, otherwise it throws an error 11 in Aerospike which is a connection failure (unable to connect to DB). If i leave it as non-persistent, once I add in the push call to push the data to the DB it also calls a connection failure, but its absolutely mind boggling because the Push call happens AFTER the connection, so I have no clue as to why a command further down the stack is having an effect on something above it.

    We are using Aerospike community edition to get up and rolling. The community edition monitoring panel is also not connecting, so we need to make sure that is configured and working so we can visually see DB updates to confirm everything is working right.

    Right now the main concern is being able to reliably connect with out error, and push data of any structure. This will be our HOT DATA db for live data at which point when it expires we will be pushing it to a storage db for historical reporting.

    Looking for a quote on this. The DB os is Centos v6 and the php client OS is ubuntu 12.x



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    Go to Aerospike forum to get support for the free Aerospike Server Community Edition


    The Aerospike forum at is the best place to go to get your questions answered regarding the Aerospike Server Community Edition (CE), and the support is free.

    I invite you to post your question on the Aerospike forum. We have many staff moderators and community moderators on hand to assist you.


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    (Database Management Software)

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