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    Unanswered: how to list all files belonging to the database in DB2


    I would like to list all the files that belongs to DB2 using SELECT statement.
    What is the most secure way to do that?

    Is this reliable?

    db2 connect to XXX
    db2 "select distinct CONTAINER_NAME from sysibmadm.SNApcontainer"

    Or should I use

    db2 get snapshot for tablespaces on XXX

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    you can use either but you should probably be using MON_GET_CONTAINER instead of snapcontainer as it's deprecated

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    missing the database path


    But how do I also include the files for the database?

    -bash-4.1$ db2 get snapshot for tablespaces on tsmdb1|grep home
    Database path = /tsmtest4/home/tsminst1/NODE0000/SQL00001/

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    if doing list db directory you get the path where db has been cataloged and all config files are created
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    select paths from sysibmadm.DBPATHS only shows directory not the files?

    Hi again,

    The query:
    db2 "SELECT paths FROM sysibmadm.dbpaths"

    Will only show in which directory the database files are located, not the actual files used by the database.

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    which of the PATH is relevant for snapshot?

    Hi again,
    Sorry for spaming, but if I use the DBPATHS table to get the name of DIRectories, instead of files.
    Which of the PATH is needed by the snapshots?

    -bash-4.1$ db2 -x "SELECT VARCHAR(path,70),type FROM sysibmadm.dbpaths WHERE type!='LOGPATH'"
    /tsmtest3/db/6/ DB_STORAGE_PATH
    /tsmtest3/db/5/ DB_STORAGE_PATH
    /tsmtest3/db/4/ DB_STORAGE_PATH
    /tsmtest3/db/3/ DB_STORAGE_PATH
    /tsmtest3/db/2/ DB_STORAGE_PATH
    /tsmtest3/db/1/ DB_STORAGE_PATH
    /tsmtest4/home/tsminst1/NODE0000/sqldbdir/ LOCAL_DB_DIRECTORY
    /tsmtest4/home/tsminst1/NODE0000/SQL00001/ DBPATH

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