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    Unanswered: IIf function Not Returning Correct Calculation


    I'm trying to use Access to calculate some invoices, this involves the sale of individual items and bulk items. I want Access to calculate whether to charge customers the bulk price, or the standard price on orders automatically based on the quantity entered.

    For my "Actual Item Cost" field, I used the Iif statement:

    IIf([Quantity Purchased]>=[Bulk Minimum Quantity],[Bulk Price],[Standard Price])

    to try do this but the field only ever returns a value of 1.

    For the sake of the example, Quantity purchased is 16, bulk minimum quantity is 15, bulk price is $40, and standard price is $50. They are in my "invoice" table and bulk minimum order quantity, bulk price, and standard price are all look-up fields to my "products" table.

    I've searched as well as I can on the forum but can't find a similar situation. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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