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    Question Unanswered: Find Scheduled date if not find previous even not then next

    I have an entry payment form which I am using to record receipts with unbound textboxes and comboboxes with update and insert into method. First, I make a schedule of payments which are incoming in future then I enter receipts which are paid. Problem is, when I enter receipt criteria it looks for the schedule date by dteMatch textbox value which compare it with current date to Schedule date and update that record. Now sometimes a client does not deposit amount on that month, I want to find previous schedule date and enter the current date in that record. e.g (dteMatch is matching date which you can match date by month)
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    In above, I used update method which smoothly enter relevant date corresponding to one record. But If client does not pay on required month I want it to put deposited amount in previous month.Even previous month not available it should enter in next month and vice versa.
    Any help will be appreciable. Thanks in advance
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