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    How to manage schedule payments in access 2007

    Good day!
    I have developed a real estate database. I am stucked at the point where I need to store schedule amounts received. I managed to create a form for the schedules of clients with for each loop but in receipt form I only can update matching dates. In case, where a client e.g does not pay amount on time (random monthly basis ). Therefore the months of receiving amounts are making hurdles to match schedule dates with receiving date. How and what stretegy I should use to accomplish the task?
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    Hi aaronejaz

    You need to add

    • a payment Day on your entity corresponding to Rental entity
    • a Check payment entity in relation with Rental entity

    And write an Sql script to check which Rental has no record in Check payment entity for the current date if its day is superior or equal to the payment date
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