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    database design recommendation

    I am creating a new website for all the car dealers in my region to show their cars on. and i need your opinion on the database i have created, because i have some doubts;

    for instance, is it best to have a VehicleID as a foriegn key in the TechnicalSpecifications table or should it be the other way around, like having a TechSpecID in the Vehicles table! i am a but confused and every time i think about it i lose my focus and can't figure it out.

    anyhow, i appreciate your input on my work so far and if you have any comments on anything please do share.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What is the relationship between technical specifications and vehicles? Your diagram indicates one-to-one, and if that was true, it wouldn't matter on which side you put the foreign key. However, I would say it should be one-to-many, as in one technical specification applies to many vehicles, and each vehicle has one technical specification. In that case, put the foreign key on the many side, i.e. put TechSpecID in the Vehicles table.

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