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    Unanswered: How to fix error #2000 in phpmyadmin

    I have downloaded Xampp 1.7.4 version from internet and run the local host. Xampp appears but when i click on phpmyadmin, it shows error #2000 error. How can i fix it and get the database?

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    Error 2000 in phpmyadmin is, IIRC, is 'cannot log on to the server'.
    So either the server isnt active
    Isn't visible
    Or you have a permissions problem either you havent given the right userid +password combination or that user doesnt have permissions for the specified action on the specified database.

    So prove the server is running, use say mysql workbench
    Prove you can log on to the server through, say, workbench.

    Then make certain the userid has adequate permissions on the required database (s).
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