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    Unanswered: subtracting values in multiple records from field value in another table


    I hope there is some one who can help me with a problem I am stuck with.

    I have a database with 3 different tables: contractDB, orderDB and recievedDB. In these tables i have all information about prices, amount, dimension etc.

    In the table ContractDB I write; contract number, prices, total amount ordered (let us say 500 m^3), total amount delivered and delivery week.
    In the table orderDB i have field: contract number as lookup to above table, order number, amount delivered and check-box when marked it means that order is arrived. One contract can have multiple orders, and one order is of maximum 50 m^3.

    My question is how do I go trough all the records in orderDB and lookup in specific contract number, to see if all orders are delivered and then at last subtract amount delivered from total amount ordered.

    I hope this make sens.



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    use 1 query to subract from the other,
    select * from tOrder, tReceived
    then join tOrder table to the tReceived table (via [orderID] field ?)

    then bring down fields needed esp [Qty] fields,
    the formula for a new field would be: tOrder.Qty - tReceived.Qty as QtyRemain

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    use a sub seledct/sub qyeryt tol sumamruse the deliveries int ehorders table and then jojn that to the main table.

    frankly its a pants design, but thats a response to another question
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