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    Entity Relationship Modelling (Urgent)

    Wright & Wong Legal Services (WWLS) is a law firm, taking cases from a variety of clients. You are requested to design a database system that will allow WWLS to manage their cases. You have been given the following information about the way the firm operates.

    - WWLS staff consists of lawyers and secretaries. Lawyers work on cases, while secretaries provide assistance to lawyers , while some secretaries assist only one lawyer, some of them assist multiple lawyers.
    - the database must maintain all contact details of lawyers and secretaries, the qualification and specialization (e.g. civil law, family law, criminal law...) of the lawyers, and their hourly rates , as well as common details such as name, gender, date of birth...
    -The details of each case must be recorded, including a summary, description, category(see specialization list above) and status ...
    -Each case is assigned to one or more lawyers , and each lawyer tends to be working more than one case at a time.
    -Client are the people who bring their case to WWLS. Clients may have multiple cases with the firm at one time, and multiple clients may be involved in a single case.
    -Client details need to be stored, including name, contact details, gender, marital status ...
    -Details of any evidence related to a case must also be stored. This includes a description, notes, and any photographs, scanned documents or digital files necessary.
    -If a client brings a case to WWLS but no lawyer is available to take it, a secretary may place it into a list of "pending cases" , secretaries are entirely responsible for maintaining this list.
    -A client may only have one pending case at a time, and only one client can be involved with a pending case (if/when the case is assigned to a lawyer, it becomes a normal case)


    Based on the above details, you are required to draw a logical E-R diagram for WWLS and then convert it to a physical E-R diagram. Clearly show all primary and foreign keys, necessary attributes, relationship and their types on the diagram (or accompanying entity description). Remember to state any assumptions you make.

    Please teach me how to design it @.@
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