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    Cool Unanswered: duplicates of part.num to be summed and add another column called user

    There are 3 columns part num, Qty and MO. Each MO has part numbers.So there might be same part numbers in MO's. Each part num has qty. So, if I group by part num, I get Qty.

    1.There are duplicates of part.num and I want to remove duplicates and add quantities of those duplicates into one single quantity. For example, xxxx is a part num, then xxxx=1,xxxx=3,xxxx=5. I want xxxx=9. I want to sum those. Another question is, each MO has a user. I want to join user and MO num in MO.

    Heres the code,

    part.num , (woitem.qtytarget/wo.qtytarget) AS woitemqty,

    (SELECT LIST(wo.num, ',') FROM wo INNER JOIN moitem ON wo.moitemid = WHERE moitem.moid = AS wonums FROM mo INNER JOIN moitem ON = moitem.moid

    LEFT JOIN wo ON = wo.moitemid

    LEFT JOIN woitem ON = woitem.woid AND woitem.typeid = 10 LEFT JOIN (Select sum(woitem.qtytarget) as labor, woitem.woid, uom.code as uom from woitem JOIN part on woitem.partid = and part.typeid = 21 JOIN uom on woitem.uomid = group by 2,3) as labor on = labor.woid LEFT JOIN part ON woitem.partid =

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    how about some sample data for each of you tables. then sample results from that data and we should be able to help you out a bit. Because I admit I am a little lost with your explanation.

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